Interagency Adaptive Management Coordination

Convened by the Delta Science Program, the Interagency Adaptive Management Integration Team (IAMIT) discusses and coordinates strategies for implementing adaptive management for conservation efforts in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and related areas.

The IAMIT serves as a technical team - made up of scientific and technical staff from local, state, and federal agencies, and key stakeholder groups - that crosscuts individual agency missions and provides high-level input and guidance on current and future adaptive management. Its activities are guided by the April 2019 Delta Conservation Adaptive Management Action Strategy. For more information on the group, view the IAMIT’s information sheet.

To learn more about the history of adaptive management in California’s Delta, see the 2016 Delta Independent Science Board Review, “Improving Adaptive Management in the Sacramento San-Joaquin Delta,” or contact


Adaptive Management Plan Development 101

These resources are intended to assist project proponents with Adaptive Management Plan (AMP) preparation for consistency with the Delta Plan and other regulatory processes. Use of these resources does not guarantee consistency with any regulatory decision-making process.

Unlinked documents in the table below are available upon request via

Document Description Agency/Group
AMP Checklist (PDF) Details what needs to be included in a basic AMP IAMIT
Elements of Adaptive Management and Monitoring Plans with Examples An outline of potential content to include in an AMP and examples of content from past Delta projects IAMIT
Delta Plan Appendix C: Adaptive Management and the Delta Plan (PDF) Description of AM and best available science in the context of the Delta Plan DSC
Data Management Plan (PDF - coming soon) Guide for managing data and developing data management plans DSC
A Systems Approach to Ecosystem Adaptive Management : A US Army Corps of Engineers Technical Guide (PDF) Implementation guidance for Sections 2036 and 2039 of WRDA 2007 and Section 1161 of WRDA 2016. USACE
Adaptive Management: A U.S. Department of the Interior Application Guide (PDF) Guide for applying adaptive management to restoration and other management projects USDOI


Delta Stewardship Council Delta Science Program
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy
California State Water Resources Control Board
Bureau of Reclamation
University of California Davis


California Department of Fish and Wildlife
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries
United States Geological Survey
California Department of Water Resources
United States Fish and Wildlife Service