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Speakers Bureau

The Delta, formed by the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, is the hub of California’s major water supply systems. It’s also the largest estuary on the West Coast, and home to a half million people.


Today, the Delta faces a crisis. Several fish species are threatened or endangered, commercial and recreational fishing has suffered, and water diversions have been curtailed affecting lives and livelihoods in the Bay Area, San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys, and Southern California.


In 2009, a series of water-related laws were enacted to restore the ecosystem and provide a more reliable water supply for California, while also protecting the unique values of the Delta.


Council staff is available to present information on what's being done in Sacramento, in the Delta, and throughout the State regarding water reliability, ecosystem restoration, Delta as a Place, adaptive management, and other topics.


Call (916) 445-5383 or complete the following form for more information, or to book a speaker.

Coequal goals

The Delta Stewardship Council was created in legislation to achieve the state mandated coequal goals for the Delta. "'Coequal goals' means the two goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. The coequal goals shall be achieved in a manner that protects and enhances the unique cultural, recreational, natural resource, and agricultural values of the Delta as an evolving place." (CA Water Code §85054)