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Workshop on Delta Outflows and Related Stressors

Panel Report: Recommendations on Delta Outflows and Related Stressors, May 5th 2014

Transmittal Letter from the Delta Science Program, to Mr. Les Grober, State Water Resources Control Board, May 15, 2014

Meeting Notice

Charge to the Independant Workshop Panel

Workshop Agenda

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Additional Materials and Comments

Bios and Resumes (CVs) of Panel Members

Monday and Tuesday, February 10th  (9:00 a.m. to 4.30 pm) and 11th (9.00 am to 4.00 pm) 2014.

Cal/EPA Building, Byron Sher Auditorium
1001 I Street, Second Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

As part of the Delta Plan's charge to identify and use best available science, the Delta Science Program is conducting this workshop to help the State Water Board with its review of the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay-Delta Plan). The State Water Board is in the process of conducting a phased review and update of the 2006 Bay-Delta Plan which identifies beneficial uses of water, water quality objectives for the reasonable protection of those beneficial uses, and a program of implementation for achieving the water quality objectives. Phase 1 of that review is focused on southern Delta water quality and San Joaquin River flows. Phase 2 (Comprehensive Review) is focused on other changes that may be needed in the remainder of the Bay-Delta Plan to protect fish and wildlife beneficial uses.

Workshop Purpose
The purpose of this workshop is to identify the best available science to inform the State Water Board’s decisions. An independent panel of science experts will be provided the necessary scientific publications, reports, and presentations to assess the state of scientific knowledge pertaining to appropriate indicators of Bay-Delta ecosystem health, the likely responses of the ecosystem to a range of Delta outflows, functional flows for the protection of fish and wildlife beneficial uses, and interactions of non-flow factors with Delta outflow objectives.

Workshop Products
The Expert Panel will evaluate and synthesize this information in a written report to the Delta Stewardship Council/Delta Science Program and State Water Board.

Expert Panel Members (Select Individual Names to View Bios & Resumes)

Panel Member Employment
Ernst B. Peebles   University of South Florida
Paul Montagna   Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Kenneth A. Rose   Louisiana State University
Pete Smith   United States Geological Survey, retired
Denise Reed (Chair)   Water Institute of the Gulf
James T. (Tim) Hollibaugh   University of Georgia
Josh Korman   University of British Columbia/Ecometric Consulting

Coequal goals

The Delta Stewardship Council was created in legislation to achieve the state mandated coequal goals for the Delta. "'Coequal goals' means the two goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. The coequal goals shall be achieved in a manner that protects and enhances the unique cultural, recreational, natural resource, and agricultural values of the Delta as an evolving place." (CA Water Code §85054)