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Research Overview

Funding scientific research is a critical component in establishing unbiased and authoritative knowledge directly relevant to Delta management actions. This knowledge will advance the understanding of the complex environments and systems within the Bay-Delta system to aid policy-makers, managers and other decision-makers.


There are two mechanisms by which the Delta Science Program funds scientific research: (1) research grants and (2) science fellowships. Between the research grants and science fellowships, the Science Program and its funding partners have funded 126 research projects totaling $37 million.


Research Grants Program


The Delta Science Program, in collaboration with stakeholders and independent scientists, identifies high priority focused topics for scientific research and solicits the scientific community for proposals to address the topics.


Research grants have been provided using a Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) process. The 2004 Full, 2006 Focused, 2007 Supplemental, and 2010 Full Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) research grants resulted in combined funding of 48 proposals for a total of $27 million.


For more information about our grant program please view our Research Grants Program page.


Science Fellowship Program


The Delta Science Program is not currently accepting applications for the Delta Science Fellows Program. Current plans are to run a solicitation in the summer of 2019.


Delta Science Fellowships are provided through a collaborative effort with California Sea Grant. The Program began with the class of 2003 and has funded pre-doctoral students and post-graduate researchers to work with community and scientific mentors on high impact science actions in the Bay-Delta system.


A total of 95 Delta Science Fellowship projects have been funded for a total of $13 million. Other agencies including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Marine Fisheries Service Southwest Fisheries Science Center, the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, and the State and Federal Contractors Water Agency have contributed $1.5 million to fund 11 of these proposals.


For more information about the Delta Science Fellows program, please view our Fellows Program page.


Coequal goals

The Delta Stewardship Council was created in legislation to achieve the state mandated coequal goals for the Delta. "'Coequal goals' means the two goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. The coequal goals shall be achieved in a manner that protects and enhances the unique cultural, recreational, natural resource, and agricultural values of the Delta as an evolving place." (CA Water Code §85054)