Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB) Update

Two new members were appointed to the Delta ISB at the Delta Stewardship Council’s August meeting: Dr. Harindra (Joseph) Fernando from the University of Notre Dame and Dr. Jay Lund from the University of California at Davis. Fernando and Lund replace Mike Healey and Jeff Mount respectively. Healey resigned in March, 2012 due to personal commitments. Mount will depart the Delta ISB in late October concurrent with his retirement from his faculty position at U.C. Davis.

“I am excited to include Dr. Fernando and Dr. Lund to our outstanding board,” said Dr. Peter Goodwin, Lead Scientist of the Delta Science Program. “These respected scientists are leaders in their fields and recognized for innovative approaches in water research. They complement the considerable expertise already represented on the Delta Independent Science Board and will contribute to the oversight and review responsibilities of the Delta ISB.”

During its July and August meetings, Delta ISB members discussed reviews of science programs in the Delta and decided to approach their reviews by grouping programs by key themes. The first thematic review will focus on habitat restoration activities and on how adaptive management and climate change are incorporated into these activities. The board began its review of habitat restoration projects at its August meeting through discussions with managers from state agencies and non-profit organizations. Board members also separated into two-member subcommittees to meet with state agency staff. The board is planning to meet with federal agency staff at its November meeting.

Board members also discussed developing a strategy to review the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS).

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