Delta Independent Science Board Update

At the March 8-9 Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB) meeting, Tracy Collier was appointed as the new Vice Chair after Michael Healey resigned from the Board for personal reasons. To fill the vacancy, Lead Scientist Peter Goodwin will recommend a nominee for appointment by the Delta Stewardship Council. The target is to fill the vacancy this summer.

The Delta ISB is also continuing preparations for its statutorily required review of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) Draft EIR/EIS and review of the State Water Resources Control Board’s approach for updating its Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan which includes San Joaquin River flow objectives.

During its meeting, the board also approved two memos. The first memo addressed key findings from the Board’s interactions with Delta scientists, stakeholders, agency heads, and legislative staff to gain a broad overview of how well Delta science is working for these decision-makers. The second memo addressed the importance of the Delta Science Program and the need for secure, long-term funding. To read a summary of the meeting, click here.

The next Delta ISB meeting is scheduled for May 3-4, 2012.