Delta ISB Seeks Feedback to Discover if Delta Science is Meeting Decision-Makers’ Needs

The Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB) is beginning its review of the scientific research, monitoring, and assessment programs that support adaptive management of the Delta. To prepare for these reviews, which are required by the Delta Reform Act of 2009, the Delta ISB is seeking advice on key issues regarding the organization and operation of science in the Delta to help develop its oversight and review criteria.

At its December 1-2 meeting, the Delta Independent Science Board (ISB) will engage in a discussion with staff and elected officials, agency leaders and representatives from stakeholder organizations that use Delta science to make management decisions. The information obtained from these discussions will be used by the Delta ISB to develop a broad assessment of the organization and operation of science in the Delta and to identify and prioritize the programs it will review.

During its October meeting, the Delta ISB began its science review with a dialogue among a variety of agency representatives working in the Delta in areas such as water supply reliability, water quality, the condition of the Delta ecosystem, risk reduction, and the Delta as a place. The Board is specifically concerned with whether adaptive management and best available science are being used in the Delta. They also are concerned with how monitoring, assessment, synthesis, and communication can be improved to better support adaptive management.

The Fifth Staff Draft of the Delta Plan charges the Delta Science Program with the task of developing a Delta Science Plan by January 2013. This first review of Delta science by the Delta ISB is being undertaken in a manner to help inform development of the Delta Science Plan. The Science Plan will strive to facilitate and coordinate the efforts of scientists, not only of those in government agencies but also those in universities and nongovernmental organizations, to better serve Delta policymaking and management.

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