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Nutria Pocket Guide



During a California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) interagency nutria coordination meeting in the fall of 2018, county agricultural commissioners and county, state, and federal agencies and organizations expressed the need for nutria outreach materials. The group requested a pocket-sized, field-friendly identification pamphlet that can be widely distributed to landowners, field staff, and other interested members of the public.


Because nutria resemble native mammals that occupy California waterways, like otters, muskrat, and beavers; proper identification is extremely important. In addition to comparing this invasive species's physical features and activities to those of native species, the pocket guide highlights how to help and who to contact if you spot one.


Thousands of printed pocket guides are being distributed at various locations throughout the Delta and Central Valley regions. A nutria pocket guide locator is coming soon to this web page.


To learn more about nutria in California, visit CDFW’s discovery of nutria webpage.


Download the PDF


Instructions for printing and folding

Print double-sided (flip on short edge), cut around edges. Color printing is recommended. Light grey guiding lines identify where to fold. For a sturdier guide, print on cardstock or laminate.


  1. When looking at inside table, fold into quarters starting from the right.
  2. “Nutria Features” should be folded onto the “Body and Tails”


  1. “Why be concerned?” should be folded onto “Feet and Tracks”


  1. “What are nutria?” should be folded onto “Adult Size”


  1. Turn the guide over and the “Nutria Pocket Guide” cover page will be at the front


  1. When opening the finished product, the first page is “What are nutria?”


How to order more

For those interested in obtaining pocket guides in bulk for distribution, please...


  1. Contact your agency’s customer service representative at the Office of State Publishing (OSP).
  2. Reference project number "OSP 19 146585" and request a quote for the number of pocket guides you want to print. (Note: price per guide is lower for larger orders)
  3. Place order and distribute pocket guides once received.
  4. Notify Brittany Young at of your order for tracking purposes.

Coequal goals

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