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News Clips

Maven's Notebook - DPIIC Nov. Meeting Coverage Part 1
Transcription, part 1, of the November 2014 Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee meeting.
Maven's Notebook - Felicia Marcus reappointed to the State Water Resources Control Board
“The former member of the Delta Stewardship Council has been reappointed as the chair of the SWRCB.”
Maven's Notebook - Craig Wilson, the first Delta Watermaster, reflects on his four years in office
“Mr. Wilson reflects on his four years in office and finding certainty in the Delta.”
Maven's Notebook - Environmental Data Summit
Chris Austin’s Summary of the June 2014 Event
Maven's Notebook - Delta Protection Commission hears about the Delta Levee Investment Strategy
“The Council is mandated to develop a strategy for state investments in levees, and that an interim policy was developed as part of the Delta Plan.”
Maven's Notebook - Winter Season Preview: Is the Delta ready?
“At the Nov. 20 Council meeting, the members heard about how well the region is prepared.”
Maven's Notebook - November Council meeting wrap-up: Delta Levee Investment Strategy & other stuff
“The DLIS monthly update, meeting notes on the DPIIC meeting, the ISAA, and the Lead Scientist's report.”
Maven's Notebook - 2014 Water Year, part 1: A review of the third year of the drought
“Never will the coequal goals be more tested than in one of these epic droughts."
Maven' Notebook - 2014 Water Year in Review, part 2: Urban water conservation, agricultural impacts, water transfers
“Council members heard from numerous agency and water officials on how the state has responded to the drought conditions.”
Maven's Notebook - 2014 Water Year in Review, Part 3: Groundwater, Delta smelt, and Sacramento’s response to the drought
“In this final installment, DWR discusses the impact the drought has had on the state's groundwater resources.”
Maven's Notebook - Chris Enright: Direct and Indirect Effects of Large-Scale Restoration and Implications for Science and Management
“Chris says the title of his topic was quite large, so he would be concentrating on physical processes to make larger points centered around tidal energy.”
Maven's Notebook - Legal documents: Opening briefs filed on Delta Plan litigation
“Several agencies and organizations filed lawsuits seeking to invalidate the plan and/or its environmental documents.”
Maven's Notebook - Dr. Dan Cayan: Climate Change & CA’s Water: What Challenges Can We Anticipate?
At the November 2014 DSC meeting Dr. Cayan gave an overview of CA’s climate variability and of the current state of knowledge of the potential impacts of climate change on the state’s water resources.
Maven's Notebook - Science Conference: Delta Science Plan & Interim Science Action Agenda
“Dr. Goodwin gave an overview of the Delta Science Plan and Lindsay Correa with the Delta Science discussed the Interim Science Action Agenda.”
Maven's Notebook - Chair Randy Fiorini on Actionable Science in the Delta
“Fiorini outlined his vision for creating a team between the Delta science community and policy makers that can work together to address the problems facing the Delta.”
Maven's Notebook - Dr. Goodwin: 6 things the Delta science community has learned in the last 2 years
“At the Science Conference, he ran down his list of six things the science community has learned in the last two years.”
Maven's Notebook - Dep. Secretary Connor opens Science Conference
“Mr. Connor said that since 2009 he’s been involved in Delta issues, and science has been at the center of that involvement.”
Maven's Notebook - Council: October update on the DLIS
“Supervising Engineer Dustin Jones provided the Council with a monthly update on the progress of the development of the Delta levee prioritization strategy.”
Earth Island Journal - Do Non-Native Fish Have a Place in the Sacramento Delta?
“Dr. Matt Young, a marine biologist and a Delta Stewardship Council science fellow, is full of energy as he and his team have three 12-hour days of fish sampling in the Delta ahead of them.”
Capitol Public Radio (Audio) - Peter Goodwin: Scientists, Policymakers Gather For Bay Delta Conference
“Scientists, water managers and policymakers are gathering in Sacramento for the Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference.”


Coequal goals

The Delta Stewardship Council was created in legislation to achieve the state mandated coequal goals for the Delta. "'Coequal goals' means the two goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. The coequal goals shall be achieved in a manner that protects and enhances the unique cultural, recreational, natural resource, and agricultural values of the Delta as an evolving place." (CA Water Code §85054)