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Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee - 04/16/2018

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Meeting Location

Tsakopoulos Library Galleria

828 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814



Order of agenda items and listed times are subject to change


April 16, 2018 (1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.)


1. Welcome and Introductions

2. California Water Action Plan and The Delta Plan – How Are They Working and What’s Next?

Committee members will discuss how the California Water Action Plan has impacted their work since its release in 2015. In addition, the Council is conducting a five-year review of the Delta Plan and is seeking feedback on how well this plan, along with the California Water Action Plan, has connected and increased collaboration of agencies’ efforts in the Delta and the State toward achieving the coequal goals.

Committee Discussion: Which recommendations in both plans have guided your work in the Delta? What should be included in the next California Water Action Plan related to the Delta and the coequal goals?

3. Future Delta 2050-2100 - Identifying the Desired Future and Vision for Restoration and Recovery: Committee members will hear from Dr. Jeffrey Mount of the Public Policy Institute of California who will discuss recent recommendations regarding integrated and ecosystem-based restoration.

Committee Discussion: Are current approaches and requirements for Delta restoration (considering species, ecosystems, and human uses) converging toward an integrated vision of a restored Delta? How do we build support for DPIIC agencies to work beyond what’s required (e.g. what types of resources are needed)?


4. One Delta, One Science – How Do We Get There? Delta Lead Scientist Dr. John Callaway will lead a panel discussion of governance in the Delta. Dr. Callaway will start the discussion with a working definition of governance and provide an overview of the current Delta Science Plan update and how the update is looking at governance issues.


Dr. Tracy Collier Member, Delta Independent Science Board and former Science Director for the Puget Sound Partnership

Bruce DiGennaro Facilitator of Collaborative Science and Adaptive Management Program and Collaborative Adaptive Management Team, and Executive Director, State and Federal Contractors Water Agency

Dr. Mark Lubell Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, University of California, Davis and member of the Delta Science Program Science Advisory Committee

Committee Discussion: How have you seen science governance evolve in the system and are we moving in a new direction? How can the Delta governance structure better support the decision-making process moving forward?

Committee Requests: 1) The Committee will receive a request to endorse the Science Action Agenda; and 2) The Committee will receive a request to form a subcommittee to explore science funding and implementation.

5. Committee Business
Committee members will have the opportunity to discuss committee business, including the next meeting, to be held Nov. 5, 2018.

6. Public Comment


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Coequal goals

The Delta Stewardship Council was created in legislation to achieve the state mandated coequal goals for the Delta. "'Coequal goals' means the two goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. The coequal goals shall be achieved in a manner that protects and enhances the unique cultural, recreational, natural resource, and agricultural values of the Delta as an evolving place." (CA Water Code §85054)