Performance Measures

Performance measures are critical to implementing the Delta Plan. They allow the Council, Delta Plan implementing agencies, stakeholders and the public to track how well the goals and objectives defined in the Delta Plan are being achieved and to detect environmental or administrative changes due to the implementation of policies and recommendations in the Delta Plan.

Relying on science and data monitoring, these measurable indicators are based on numeric targets and include dates to achieve targets as well as baseline conditions against which to evaluate progress.

Delta Plan performance measures allow the Council to integrate science and monitoring results into decision making, adaptive management, and to track progress towards the coequal goals.

The Council developed performance measures for the Delta Plan over multiple years with the help of state, federal, and local agencies, scientists, and stakeholders. In 2018, the Council adopted a refined set of performance measures to better track Delta Plan outputs and outcomes. The current Delta Plan performance measures are in Appendix E of the Delta Plan. Learn more about the different types of performance measures - administrative, output, and outcome - how they were selected, and why they are important.

Performance Measures Dashboard

The Performance Measures Dashboard provides access to performance measure information and data and allows agencies involved with implementing the Delta Plan to view and track the status of performance measures adopted by the Council. The broader goal of this dashboard is to share the science-based story behind each performance measure and highlight how each measure fits into the broader Delta landscape.