Delta Plan

The Delta Stewardship Council must adopt and implement a comprehensive management plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by January 1, 2012. This Delta Plan will guide state and local agencies to help achieve the coequal goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem. The Delta Plan will also guide protection and enhancement of the unique resources, culture, and values of the Delta as an evolving place.

See Delta Water Legislation 2009 for more info.

The Council has an acutely focused mission and a legislatively mandated timeline to develop the Delta Plan, prepare an Environmental Impact Report, and implement strategies that will address the crisis in the Delta. See CEQA page for timeline.

The Council is committed to maintaining transparency in its decision-making processes, and is dedicated to educating and reaching out to all interested Californians as the Delta Plan is developed. Public input is encouraged on an ongoing basis. In developing the Delta Plan, the Council will also consult with federal, state, and local agencies that have responsibilities in the Delta, as required by legislation.

Materials reviewed by the Council during development of the Delta Plan will be posted as they become available. Once adopted, the Delta Plan will be reviewed at least once every five years. To review the entire schedule of release dates and subsequent public comment periods, please select the Draft Release Schedule page.